I wonder why in some places it is hatred that rules the hearts and minds of others – love is so far more rewarding and allows us the ability to understand and appreciate people who are different from ourselves.

Love & Hate
Love & Hate


Love allows us the capacity to grow, empowering us to love more. We cannot say we have had too much love – of love there is no measure. But hatred sickens humanity. Hatred shrinks our entire being making us smaller, more vulnerable, more scared, more angry.

Love & Hate Went on a Date

Love and hate went on a date
It was not planned
It was not fate
Both wanted to change
The other
Love showed Hate compassion
Hate responded with aggression
‘You do not know me’
Hate exclaimed!
‘But I see your fears’
Replied Love

‘I have no fears!’
Cried Hate
‘Then why do you hate’
Asked Love
‘Hate is power, it keeps me strong’
Hate retorted angrily
‘But you are lonely’
Observed Love
Hate turned his back on Love
Love reached out
‘I will love you unconditionally’

Hate shuddered
All Hate wanted was to fight
Love changed that
Hate hung his head in shame
Hate found unknown feelings stir within
Shame, guilt, and a loss of power
Confused he turned to look on the face of Love
It was a mirror, a reflection
And in that moment
Hate chose Love
And so found true power  – the power of Love

I suspect many of us are somehow sick of the invasiveness of the current Social Media choices? Bombarded by advertising. Bombarded by GIFs, cute videos and demonisation of others.

Yet we’re so entrenched by our use of them it’s difficult to find a vehicle that fills the void leaving them behind would fill. Am I right?


We’re outraged by world events but paralysed by fear as to how to respond and how to protest. We’re not in the 70’s, flower power is not ruling the day. Fear of paying the bills and not rocking the boat however, does occupy us every day. So does the media – telling us how we should feel and think, questioning our meaning of patriotism.

Today, we’re more connected technologically than at any other time in the history of humanity. However, we’re also the most disconnected in the history of time. The great revolutions in world history were not assisted by the technology we have today. In fact, it would appear that in our technological connectedness we feel someone else will make the difference on our behalf, someone else feels the same way as us and will therefore ‘do the right thing’ we no longer hold the responsibility to do the right thing. We don’t want to rock the boat, to be seen as a conspiracy theorist. We don’t want to believe the deck is stacked against us but we have a nagging feeling that it is!

But, that’s where we are wrong – we can still do a lot without putting our heads on the collective chopping block to bring about change – significant changes within society.

It’s time to ‘unlearn’ collective helplessness – we can stop the collective inertia and we can do so within the relative comfort of our own homes.

I’d like to suggest ongoing events in which we can make our voices heard without fearing retaliation. Without having to get on the street and be attacked by militarised police deployed to disperse protesters at the request of corporate giants and lobby groups. The ability to act in defiance AGAINST corporate greed and government ineptitude without breaking a sweat, without leaving your home – well sometimes leaving your home – but without fear of reprisal.

If you’re sick of the status quo – let’s start working together to make a difference in the world of tomorrow – the one our children and their children and yes, hopefully their children’s children will grow up in.

The time is now, the future is a choice.

Sign up, invite your friends, share this page – it is still in development and will take time to evolve but I guarantee you will be glad you did!

Best wishes from your Hostess, IngridVC