About Friends 2 Amici

Friends2Amici is a new concept to connect and transcend barriers. Whereby connecting friends, family and also businesses personally. Therefore, offering a new platform in addition to current Social Media. As much about building and developing meaningful connections as maintaining them. Based on real and virtual world relationships.

To encourage the development of groups. Groups that enable discussion and debate. To share and encompass the wealth and richness of our community. Therefore developing personal interest groups (cooking, photography, cars) or maybe groups for social activities or mentoring support. By bringing together like minds as well as opposing viewpoints we can help one another as a community.

As a result, enabling a global community free from commercial agendas. And consequently be free from targeted advertising and commercial exploitation. Enabling small business development and mentoring. Furthermore, giving an opportunity for both individual and commercial growth.

A community where we can build our friendships and supports.

A community where we can share and develop interests and ideas.

A community where we can grow our small businesses.

Together we can stay focussed and stay connected.

In conclusion: Let’s be the change we want to see in the World!


In short:  A coffee break. A pause. A connection. A debrief. An unwind.


Coffee Break!
Coffee Break with Friends!